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Hill View Manor

New Castle, PA     November 26, 2010


SCGH:  Mike, Missy, Heather, Bill

ACPI:    Nikki, Tim, Becky, Tom  


EMF, K2, 2 Digital Voice Recorders,

Dowsing Rods, 2 Digital cameras,

Sony camcorder with IR


Weather: Overcast, Temp 25-30, Dew 16.2,

               Humidity 61%, BP 29.86,

               Winds 10-18 WSW

Moon:    Waning Gibbous, 73% of the Moon is Illuminated


Hillview Manor was built in 1925 as the Lawrence County Poor Farm. It became a nursing home in 1977, and closed it’s doors in 2004, but it sure as heck hasn't shut down for business - the paranormal business. Investigators have heard muffled voices, the sounds of people walking on the stairs, banging noises, lights going on and off, and activity from the deserted kitchen and nursing stations. There have seen physical phenomena, too - shadow forms, a flitting orange shape, and a woman in a doorway. Maybe it's the old home's most famous spook, Mary Virginia, a patient who had a liking for shiny objects. The skeleton crew that takes care of the building has reported sightings of full-bodied apparitions roaming the hallways, screaming voices and the ghost of a little boy named Jeffrey, who is thought of as a harbinger of death. The spirit of an old man supposedly haunts the boiler room. He’s known for slamming doors and demanding people to get out of his space. Other spirits include a childen named Timmy & Jeffrey, an employee named George, and a elderly patient named Mary Ellen.


We waited for almost 3 months to get back to the Manor for a follow up investigation.  This time we invited our friends from Allegheny County Paranormal to join us.  Despite a lot of prodding, Heather refuesed to join us after her last encounter there, but we did finally get Bill out on his first investigation.

The night was cold and crisp with the wind howling through the halls throughout the evening, but our host Candy again did not disappoint with her hospitality and willingness to help us.  We started the evening with the typical walk-through for those of us that were new to the Manor.  This was pretty cool as we were able to share experiences and stories we had last time with the rest of the team.

As the investigations began, we knew right from the start that Hill View would deliver and not disappoint.  Many personal experiences were had, including a penny falling near us on a stairwell, Missy having her hair tugged at in Mary Virginia's room, responsive flashlight sessions, footsteps, pipes banging and other noises, etc.  Mike spent a lot of time in the old boiler room trying to debunk or recreate the shadow figure from last time but could not.  We did catch a great EVP on the 3rd floor that almost sounds like it is saying "Smoking crack".  We also caught lots of footsteps and a lone whisper in the Bingo room where we had left our recorder unattended.  Other EVPs were caught throughout the night as well and many (literally hundreds) of photos were taken for evidence, where we caught some peculiar orbs, mists and even another potential shadow figure.

Below is some of the evidence we gathered

Collected Evidence:

3rd Floor

Sounds like “Smoking crack”!

3rd Floor

Unintelligible female voice

Bingo Room

A lone whisper can be heard.

Jeffrey’s Room

A disembodies whisper is heard.