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Hill View Manor

New Castle, PA     September 3, 2010


SCGH:  Missy, Heather, Richard, Mike

Guests:  Katie, Kerr, Mom  


EMF, K2, 2 Digital Voice Recorders,

Digital cameras,
Sony camcorder with IR


Weather: Cloudy, Temp 60-71, DewPt 45-55,

              Humid 63%, BP 29.78, Wind 5-10 WSW

Moon:    Waning Crescent, 30% of the Moon is Illuminated


Hillview Manor was built in 1925 as the Lawrence County Poor Farm. It became a nursing home in 1977, and closed it’s doors in 2004, but it sure as heck hasn't shut down for business - the paranormal business. Investigators have heard muffled voices, the sounds of people walking on the stairs, banging noises, lights going on and off, and activity from the deserted kitchen and nursing stations. There have seen physical phenomena, too - shadow forms, a flitting orange shape, and a woman in a doorway. Maybe it's the old home's most famous spook, Mary Virginia, a patient who had a liking for shiny objects. The skeleton crew that takes care of the building has reported sightings of full-bodied apparitions roaming the hallways, screaming voices and the ghost of a little boy named Jeffrey, who is thought of as a harbinger of death. The spirit of an old man supposedly haunts the boiler room. He’s known for slamming doors and demanding people to get out of his space. Other spirits include a childen named Timmy & Jeffrey, an employee named George, and a elderly patient named Mary Ellen.


It was a fantastic night for the Steel City Ghost Hunters.  We welcomed 3 new team members to the hunt and the 7 of us had the entire run of the place for the evening.  While the night started out slow, the activity and personal experiences definitely picked up after midnight.

Our first personal experience happened when Heather was walking down the basement steps where Amanda had fallen to her death.  Heather was overcome by a sudden feeling of being light headed and almost passed out and fell down the steps herself.  Melissa had a very similar experience on the second floor when she defiantly stepped onto the wrong side of the cafeteria line.  Kerr was conducting a dowsing rod session with what we believed to be 2 of the resident pranksters when she was suddenly tickled on her side.  This made her jump right out of her chair!  Katie had an unforgettable experience in the embalming room.  She described it to be like somebody pushing 2 needles into her head, then having ice water poured down her back.  All this followed by a taste of blood.  But the women were not alone in having experiences.  Even Michael had a sudden rush of fear entering a utility room in the basement, and managed to flash a photo of what we believe to be a black mass.  This is perhaps the same black mass that our host Candy had warned us about and that the Ghost Adventures team tried to catch (their X's were still on the floor).

As for EVPs, they did not disappoint either.  Amanda gave us her impression of a bird tweeting and called for Phil and Joe.  She also gave us a direct answer to a question of whether she was pushed down the stairs and she replied "I was not pushed".  Several other Class A EVPs were caught including a "No", a "Get Out" and a the most impressive, "Do not go in there!"  We caught some disembodies voices too and several crying sounds.  And we haven't even finished going through all the evidence yet!

All in all, it was a very eventful and successful evening and we wish to extend Candy our thanks for making it so enjoyable.  Hill View is an extremely active place and we will definitely try to get back there as soon as possible!  I know I cannot wait!

Collected Evidence:


Amanda responds to question, “I was not pushed!”


“I was not pushed” (cleaned up)


Does Amanda have a message for “Phil” and “Joe”?


Amanda’s birds go “tweet”!

3rd Floor

“Get out!”

3rd Floor

Does somebody want a “chair”?

3rd Floor

Disembodied cries are heard.


“Don’t go in there!”