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Overholt Family Estates

West Overton, PA     November 12, 2010


SCGH:  Missy, Mike, Heather


EMF, K2, 2 Digital Voice Recorders,

Digital cameras,
Sony camcorder with IR


Weather: Clear, Temp 35-45,

               Dew 17.6, Humid 39%,

               BP 30.30, Winds Calm

Moon:     Waxing Crescent,

               41% of the Moon is Illuminated


This Abraham Overholt family estate dates back to 1800,

and still has 18 of its' original buildings, including the mansion

and distillery. Does Old Overholt ring a bell? This is the family

that distilled it, though not at this site. It's also the birthplace of

Henry Clay Frick, whose family maintains the property as a



This was a charity event to benefit A Unity: A Jouney of Hope foundation.  We began the night by meeting the volunteer panel of experts that would be accompanying us on our investigations.  The panel included:

-- John Robinson from A Unity: A Journey of Hope

-- Bobbi Robinson (medium) also from A Unity

-- Anthony Colliano from Gargoyle Entertainment

-- Brian Cano from Scared

-- Pam Johnson from "Scariest Places on Earth"

-- Jeremy Wiley from "Scariest Places on Earth"

-- Don Wagner - author, paranormal equipment maker


One of the coolest aspects of this evening was getting to talk to other investigators and learning about their methods.  We did several sessions with a ghost box (or Frank's box), learned how to do efficient EVP sessions, utilize the different meters, etc.

As for evidence and experiences, this was the most difficult part of the evening.  We had over 40 investigators so even though there were 5 different buildings to investigate, there was a lot of human pollution throughout the evening.  However, we did have some personal experiences in the smoke house (a small 2 room house where meals were prepared).  While standing around the table, Mike actually felt something playing with and tugging on his camera bag.  Heather heard the zipper on the bag being moved at the same time.  Shortly after another investigator had her arm pinched.  

Servant house

Was there someone mimichking us?  “Clyde”

Collected Evidence: