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Broughton Elementary School

Pittsburgh, PA     March 19, 2011


SCGH:  Missy, Mike, Heather & Cissy

ACPI:   Nikki, Tom, Tim, Becky, Lauren

Guests:  Terri and Dave


EMF, K2, 3 Digital Voice Recorders,

Frank's Box, 2 Digital cameras,

2 Infrared cameras, Sony camcorder with IR


Weather: Clear, Temp 34-43, Humid 60%,

               DP 24.1, BP 30.55,

               Winds 6-8 NNW

Moon:     Full, (Super Perigree) 100% Illuminated

Fields:    Solar X-Rays =N/A               Geomagnetic Fields = N/A


The now-closed school was built in 1929 over a plot of  land where people had met their fate during the Whiskey  Rebellion and a miners' strike.

A caretaker says the deserted building's phenomena include footsteps and doors opening and closing, even though no one but he is around


We all met at the school near South Park anxious to see what level of activity the "Super" moon would bring.  The school (and the moon) certainly didn't disappoint!  We met up with ACPS and our 2 first timers, Terri and Dave.  Our host Don took us for a thorough walk-thru and explained all the history and claims.  We were then given the keys and told to lock up when we were done.

The Investigation:

  • We started in the gymnasium where Missy was able to follow an orb that seemed to approach her on command.
  • One of the most memorable experiences was the mist that Heather experienced after entering a hallway door.  Mike and Missy then saw 3 orbs move from left to right in succession through their IR camera lenses and Missy was able to catch the trail of the last one on her IR camera (see photo evidence).
  • We set up a new experiment on the 2nd floor using our infrared camcorder, a green laser pen and digital recorder.  We left these unattended only to find that when we returned everything had been turned off.  Batteries were fine so we repeated and managed to catch an EVP on the second attempt.  Since the voice caught was not a response to anything and we cannot make out what it is saying, we would classify it as a class C, but it was still cool since nobody was anywhere near the equipment when we caught it.
  • We used the Frank's Box on several occasions and got some interesting results, including a child's voice that kept surfacing and answering our questions.  We also caught a very interesting response of "Melissa".  Was this the entity's name or was it calling out to the Melissa in out group?
  • Our friends at Allegheny County Paranormal caught some fantastic EVPs and Frank's box voices on their own so make sure to check out their results too.

Collected Evidence:

2nd Floor

Unattended recorder catches a voice.

Sarah’s Room (girls)

Frank's Box - What is your name - Edward Lupskip?

2nd Floor (girls)

Frank's Box - What is your name - It's...Mike!

2nd Floor (men)

Frank's Box - How old are you? - 11?...8?

2nd Floor

Frank's Box - Melissa!