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Hotel Conneaut

Conneaut, OH     April 16, 2011


SCGH:  Missy, Mike, Heather, Cissy & Brian

ACP:     Nikki, Tim, Becky + 2 guests


EMF, K2, 3 Digital Voice Recorders,
Frank's Box,  2 Digital cameras,

2 Infrared cameras, Sony camcorder with IR


Weather: Rain / Sleet, Temp 34-44, DP 36,

               BP 29.65, Winds 10-36 W

Moon:     Full (100% illuminated)


Bride in white that reportedly dies in fire on her wedding night.

Child riding tricycle that fell down stairwell (but died in hospital).


Personal experiences included:

  • 10:00pm - The Walkthrough - Our tour guide showed guided us through this historic hotel on the lake, sharing it's stories and legends with us along the way.
  • 10:45 pm - "Dancing with Myself" - Our teams split up and we took the ballroom while the ACP team headed to the 3rd floor.  In the ballroom we setup equipment, ran an EVP session and tried to stir up some activity with some classical music and dancing.  Team members took turns dancing, some together, some chose to dance with themselves (or with the spirits if you will).
  • 12:35 am - Missy left the recorder and video running unattended in the ballroom.  See EVP caught below.
  • 01:45 am - "The Apparition" - While on break in the lobby, Missy saw a woman pass by the ballroom hallway doors and head right into a solid wall behind them.  The figure looked at her through the glass windows while it seemingly floated by the doors.  Mike and Cissy quickly gave chase, but could not find anyone in the area or any way anyone could have left the area.  While we have no evidence to support this personal claim, it will forever be remembered by Missy as her first full bodied apparition.
  • 02:30 - Investigating 2nd floor, we caught some unexplained high pitch sounds and banging (see EVPs)
  • 03:00 - Investigated stairwell where girl is believed to have fallen.  Did a Frank's box session and captured the same response to why are you here that ACP caught hours earlier.  Listen to Stairwell EVPs below.

Collected Evidence:



Unattended recorder catches voice



Voice (slowed and enhanced)


2nd Floor Hall

High pitched sounds


2nd Floor Disney Room

Banging from hallway



“Liked my tricycle”



Frank’s box - “wife’s deathj”