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Knickerbocker Hotel

Linesville, PA     April 9, 2011


SCGH:  Missy, Mike, Heather & Cissy


EMF, K2, 3 Digital Voice Recorders,

Frank's Box, 2 Digital cameras,

2 Infrared cameras,

Sony camcorder with IR


Weather: Clear / Fog, Temp 42-49,

               DP 38, cBP 30.01,
               Winds 6-13 ESE

Moon:     Waxing Crescent (31% illuminated)


It is believed there may be a portal to the other side here.

Many claims of voices, shadow figures, apparitions and

object relocation.


We had many personal experiences in the Knick, but unfortunately it was a pretty quiet night as far as definitive evidence of paranormal activity.  Hundreds of photos were taken as well as over 10 hours of digital recordings and 4 hours of video.  We are sharing a couple of EVPs and some of our best photos below that highlight the beauty of the hotel.  All in all it was an awesome experience to hear the stories of the Knick, to witness it's beauty and the meticulous detail and care Peg took in decorating each room.  This place puts most museums to shame!

  • 07:30 pm - The Walkthrough - We arrived at "The Knick" and were warmly greeted by our gracious host Peg who took us through a very detailed historical account and tour of every room in the hotel.  
  • 09:30 pm - We started on the second floor, doing a quick EVP session in the opera room, setting up motion pods on the stairwell and heading into the 3rd floor nursery with the 2 dolls on the bed.  We were getting consistent K2 at orange level (3 lights) reading which we tried to debunk throughout the evening.
  • 10:50 pm - Mike and Missy in the 3rd floor hall.  Missy asked if someone is in a room at the end of the end of the hall and both heard a distant, audible "Yes".  No further activity caught.  [listen to audio]
  • 12:45 am - Missy and Heather were back in the nursery.  Discovered no K2 readings on the bed.  During an EVP session, Missy suddenly felt overwhelmed and naeseous and asked if someone was standing next to her to light the K2 and got a full response (lighted to red) on the K2 meter [watch video].  Feeling like she was going to pass out, she said she was going out to the hall to get some air and she got a response "Don't do that!" [listen to EVP below].
  • 02:37 am - Personal experience - Missy had her hair pulled and reacted.  
  • 03:11 am - Quiet Time - Heather and Missy hear a dog whimpering, but it doesn't pick up on our audio recordings.
  • 03:50 am - The wrap up.  Mike and Missy were on the 3rd floor and thanked our guests for hosting us.  As we were walking down the hall to leave, something whispered in Missy's ear "Get Out!". Of course, no equipment was running so this just remains a personal experience.

Collected Evidence:


3rd Floor Hall

Faint “yes”






“Don’t do that!”


Trumpet Room

Child laughing