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Madison Seminary

Madison, Ohio     May 13, 2011


SCGH:  Missy, Mike, Heather, Cissy

Guests:  Dave, Nicole, Mark & MaryBeth 


EMF, K2, 3 Digital Voice Recorders,
Frank's Box,, 4 digital cameras,
Thermal Imager, 2 Infrared cameras,

Sony camcorder, Multispectrum camcorder


Weather: Overcast, Temp 65, DP 62,
               Humidity 82%, BP 29.98,
               Winds 6 SSE

Moon:     Waxing Gibbous (74% illuminated)

Fields:    Solar X-Rays = Normal,                Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


    1847 to 1891 - Madison Seminary school open

    1891 - Became the "Madison Home" for displaced Civil War families.  "Ohio Cottage" constructed.

    1904 to 1962 - State run

    1959 - One story connecting building constructed.

    1962 to 1975 - Ohio Dep't of Mental Health & Hygiene - "Opportunity Village"

    1977 to 1993 - Township Building.

    1998 - Sold to John Cassell for $28,500.


This was a very active night for us! It was a first investigation for Mark and Nikki and turned the experiences turned Mark from a skeptic to a believer!

  • 09:40 - 10:20  Girls  2nd Floor  Heather got a positive K2 to red, could not replicate.
  • Loud bang heard in the hallway, man's voice (see EVP), Nikki had her hair played with 3 times in kid's room.
  • 11:00 - 12:00  All  3rd Floor  Human form / figure caught by thermal imager on wall, witnessed by several team members.
  • 01:40  Girls  Kitchen  All smelled what they thought were green beans.
  • 01:45  Mark  2nd Floor  Mark had his head pushed back in the chandelier room.
  • 02:45  Nikki  3rd Fl Hall  Nikki saw a large shadow figure pass in front of her.
  • 03:15  Missy  3rd fl Hall  Missy was bumped but nobody was there.  Dave and Mark were watching on thermal and saw a figure next to her!

Collected Evidence:


Attic (men)

Faint "No" or "Go"


Sarah’s Room (girls)

Loud bang heard out in the hall


2nd Floor (girls)

Disembodied groan heard (no men in area)


2nd Floor (men)

 Squeaking wheels?


2nd Floor

More audible squeaking


2nd flr - kid’s room

Dragging noise heard


2nd flr- Sarahs room

Faint response, "Yes it is"

Response enhanced


Basement (girls)

 Man's Voice "Gomez?"


Large Kitchen

Make me some dinner, unclear response.