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West Virginia Penitentiary

Moundsville, WV     June 5, 2011


SCGH:  Mike, Missy, Heather,
              Rich, Cissy


EMF, K2, 2 Digital Voice Recorders,

Frank's Box,

3 digital cameras, 2 Infrared cameras


Weather: Thuderstorms, 75-85
               Wind W 8-15,

                Humidity 85%,
                Dewpoint 64, BP 30.03

Moon:     Waxing Crescent (8% Illuminated)

Fields:    Solar X-Rays = Normal,
Geomagnetic Fields = STORM!


Moundsville is located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, near the town of Wheeling. It is a very small town named after the Indian Burial Mound that was discovered in the town. The mound is just across the street from the prison.

Construction of the former West Virginia Penitentiary was started in 1866, just three years after West Virginia seceded from Virginia. In 1876, the first phase of the penitentiary construction was finished. The prison is 682 feet long and has tall walls that are twenty-four feet high. The West Virginia Penitentiary officially opened for full operation the same year, with 251 inmates.

The Pen is infamous for being one of the most violent prisons as many riots and hundreds of murders occured within its walls.  The first execution at the Pen occurred in 1899, and the last execution took place in 1959. In total, ninety-four men were executed there. Eighty-five of those men were hanged from 1899-1949, and the remaining nine men were electrocuted from 1951-1959. The original electric chair, "Old Sparky" is on display at the prison.


NOTE: This was a public hunt on a very stormy
night so may contain some contaminations from mother

nature and others.  

After a few hours the number of people disspiated and

we were able to get a couple of good sessions in.

Personal experiences included:

01:30 - Kitchen - Got a K2 hit when we asked if we should go into one of the freezers.

01:50 - Cell Block J - K3 response, Frank’s box session

03:00 - Red’s cell - K2 went crazy every time we talked about the man that murdered him.

05:00 - Red’s cell - K2 going nuts again, Mike sees a wire in the wall move

Collected Evidence:



Faint response...murdered?


Cell K-14

Help me ...[unintelligible]


Medical Ward

Loud bang heard from empty room.


Medical Ward

What happened?   "Jumped"?


Red’s Cell

  Frank's Box - "Moundsville"