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Judson House and Eagle Hotel

Waterford, PA     August 27, 2011


SCGH:  Mike, Mark, Nicole,

             Cissy, Heather

Guests:  Kim and Lois 


DVR (4 x static night vision),

EMF, K2, 2 Digital Voice Recorders,

ITC Ghost Box,

Cameras (3 digital, 1 Infrared,)
1 Night vision camcorder,

1 Full spectrum camcorder


Weather: Clear to partly cloudy, Temp 69-73, DP 63,

               Humidity 70-80%, BP 29.70, Winds 12-20 NNE

Moon:     New (0% illuminated)

Fields:    Solar X-Rays = Normal,                Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


Fort Le Boeuf, (often referred to as Fort de la Rivière au Bœuf), was a fort established by the French in 1753 on a fork of French Creek, in present-day Waterford, in northwest Pennsylvania. The fort was part of a line that included Fort Presque Isle, Fort Machault, and Fort Duquesne.

The fort was located about 15 miles (24 km) from the shores of Lake Erie, on the banks of LeBoeuf Creek, which the fort was named for. The French portaged trade goods, materiel, and supplies from Lake Erie overland to Fort Le Boeuf. From there they traveled by raft and canoe down French Creek to the Allegheny River, the Ohio and the Mississippi.


Since we had 2 locations to investigate,

we broke up into 2 teams, having one

team at each location at all times.

Personal experiences included:

- Heaviness in the old, non-working kitchen of the Judson House.

- Footsteps heard from the 2nd floor when on the 3rd floor ballroom in the Eagle Hotel.

- Various unexplained noises heard throughout both locations.

Possible evidence collected:

- Several EVPs (see audio below)

- One possible ghost box response

- Photo sequence of a strange mist in the kitchen (see photos below)

Collected Evidence:

Waterford, PA (Judson House and Eagle Hotel) by SteelCity GhostHunters