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Current Fields

Solar X-Rays
Geomagnetic Field
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Waverly Hills Sanitorium


Waverly, KY      April 3, 2012

Collected Evidence:


SCGH:   Mike, Kim, Lois, Mark, Nikki
WPPH:  TJ, Katie, Kevin, Ken, Rob    


DVR (7 x static night vision), EMF, K2,
Voice Recorders(2 analog, 10 digital),
Various handheld camcorders
     & cameras, etc.
Trigger objects = rubber balls,
     tinker toys, dominoes, etc.


Weather:   Mostly cloudy, Temp 68-76,
                  DP 58, Humidity 49-56%,
                  BP 29.83, Winds 5-10 WSW

Moon:        Waxing Gibbous (86% illuminated)
Fields:        Solar x-rays = Normal  Geomagnetic field = Quiet


Built in the 1920s. Waverly Hills was a considered one of the most advanced hospitals for treating patients with tuberculosis. TB patients could live in the hospital facilities while getting treated.  Despite the hospital's efforts, thousands still perished from the disease.  As time went by, newer and more successful medicines came out for tuberculosis and in 1961, the tuberculosis hospital was changed into an elderly care center and was later closed for good in 1981.  


Apparitions, shadow figures (the Creeper), cold spots, voices, object manipulation, etc.


After a 6.5 hour drive, we met up with the WPPH team for dinner.  With both teams donning our team logos, we quickly became the center of attention as we hung out around town before the investigation.  The locals were all anxious to share stories and legends of Waverly Hills with us.  At 7:30 we headed up to the Sanatorium for the night we had all been waiting for.  Our tour guide showed us around and we setup base on the 3rd floor, with 7 static DVR cameras, 2 on the 5th floor, 2 on the 4th floor, and 3 on the 3rd floor.

Watch the video below to see our most exciting catch to date!  A shadow figure caught by one of the WPPH handheld cameras on the 5th floor that we just cannot explain or debunk.


Kim and Nikki react to a disembodied moan.


A distant and chilling scream can be heard.

5th floor

The team all hear a little girl's giggling.

2nd Floor

A child like whimper can be heard

4th floor

Mike gets an unexpected response during setup

1st floor

A WPPH static recorder catches a girl "Are you there?"


Chains clinking heard in hallway outside of morgue...


Mark talks about a cure for TB and gets a Thank You