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Anna Dean Farms

Barberton, OH     August 16, 2013


SCGH:  Mike, Missy,Cissy, Lois


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, Spirit Box  

Voice Recorders (2 digital, Zoom),

Various handheld camcorders & cameras, etc.

Triiger objects - light up cat toy (ball)


Weather: Partly to mostly cloudy, Temp 58-64, DP 54,

                Humidity 60-80%, BP 30.19, Winds NE 6-8

Moon:     Waxing Gibbous (74% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays Normal, Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


The Anna-Dean farm was a concept of American industrialist O.C. Barber who envisioned a superfarm on the outskirts of Barberton, and to that end he began purchasing land for the eventual 3,500-acre (14 km2) farm as early as 1900.


Feed Barn - Nelly and spirit of small boy seen often

Colt Barn - Jim, who was killed here

Heating House - 5 spirits are said to roam here, 3 kids, an Indian and an angry man.

Piggery - Uneasiness in tunnels and possibly a portal here.


 Synopsis or Personal experiences:

    08:30 - Feed barn.  No activity witnessed here.

    10:00 - Colt Barn - some activity with trigger ball.

    10:30 - Heating House (team 1) - Active session with trigger ball.

              - Colt Barn (team 2) - Ovilus word = "Squeeze" when Cissy talked about fitting into the cement pond.  
                2 EVPs captured.

    12:00 - Heating House (team 2) - Very active session with ball.

               - Colt Barn (team 1) - no activity.

    01:30 - Piggery.  No activity witnessed.

Collected Evidence:

Colt Barrn

We were discussing the Barberton mistress & got this whispered response.

Colt Barn

Ovilus = "squeeze".  Is someone trying to tell Cissy something?

Colt Barn

We get a verbal response to the Shave and a Haircut knock!

Heating House

At least 2 voices are heard.  Angry man yelling followed by child responding?

Heating House

Can't make out what it is saying, but definitely a distant voice responds.

Heating House

We think the response here is "Maybe for you it is!"