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Bushy Run Battlefield

Jeannette, PA    May 4, 2013


SCGH:  Mike, Missy, Heather,

             Cissy, Troy and Vance

Guest:   Several members from the

             historic society joined us


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, Spirit Box  

Voice Recorders (4 digital),

Various handheld camcorders

  & cameras, etc.


Weather: Clear, Temp 58-62, DP 39,

                Humidity 42-50%, BP 30.13, Winds Calm

Moon:     Waning Crescent (27% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays  Normal,  Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


This was the site of the famous battle between several Native Indian tribes of Pontiac's rebellion and the British in August of 1763.  The battle ultimately prevented the capture of  Fort Pitt.   


Claims include shadow figures, full apparitions, indian chants and cries, voices, etc.


 Synopsis or Personal experiences:

    11:05 - Missy and Troy were sitting on the top of Edge Hill and both saw a dark shadow approaching them.

    11:30 - Troy sees the dark shadow again running into the woods and chases it.  In the wooded area, Troy sees multiple dark figures.   

Overall this was a very difficult investigation as it was outdoors and the traffic on the road was consistent all night long, contaminating our evidence.  

Collected Evidence:

Edge of Woods

Mike makes an offer to the Indians, a clank is heard and a light voice we think might be thanking us.

Edge of Woods

Several different voices saying "Moochie"?  We are not sure if this is an Indian word or a name.