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Current Fields

Solar X-Rays
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Carnegie Library & Music Hall

Carnegie, PA    April 12, 2013


SCGH:  Mike, Missy

WPPH:  TJ, Matt
Guests:  Jason & Brian


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, Ovilus 3  

Voice Recorders (4 digital),

DVR with 3 IR static cameras

Various handheld camcorders

   & cameras, etc.


Weather: Overcast, Temp 42-46, DP 33,

                Humidity 60-65%, BP 29.88, Winds 8W

Moon:     Waxing Crescent (7% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays  M Class Flare,  Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


Apparition of a man in the balcony of the music hall.

Voices in the basement area.

Books known to move in the library.


 Synopsis or Personal experiences:

    10:00 - DVR and camera setup  

    10:15 - TJ and Jason in Civil War Room

    11:00 - Team investigates Music Hall and captures 2 EVPs.

    12:30 - Team spirit box session in library - female moan heard

Ovilus 3 words (random words recorded through the night in order)

eat - pluto - records - worm - Paul - records

We also got a clear "Paul" on the spirit box.

Collected Evidence:

Music Hall

Unexplained whisper -
"Come (damn?) you!"

Music Hall

A spirit doing a Tiny Tim impersonation?


Disembodied female moan heard during sb session