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Current Fields

Solar X-Rays
Geomagnetic Field
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David Stewart Farm

Gettysburg, PA      November 29, 2013


SCGH: Mike, Troy, Vance, Missy,

            Kim, Lois, Cissy 

Guest:   Erik, Jofa   


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, Ovilus 3

Voice Recorders (3 Olympus, 1 Zoom), 

Handheld Sony and GoPro camcorders

Digital, full spectrum and night vision cameras

Xbox Kinect (used for IR lighting)


Weather: Clear, Temp 19-23, DP 18, 

                Humidity 65-81%, BP 30.74, Winds Calm

Moon:     Waning Crescent (14% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays = ACTIVE, Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


In 1863, after the Battle of Gettysburg, the Confederate Army withdrew West along the Fairfield Rd. According to many accounts, for weeks after the battle many of the homes and barns from Gettysburg to Fairfield were used as hospitals. This hundred acre farm housed hundreds of wounded and dying.


Synopsis or 

Personal experiences:

  • 10:15 -  Erik hears a disembodied whisper in the barn and reacts (see audio)
  • 10:45 - Various members felt they were being pushed and rocked in the rocking chair in the surgery room.
  • 11:20 - Group in General's bedroom hears 2 knocks and react to it.

Collected Evidence:


 Erik hears a voice whisper "sorry" and reacts.

Ops Room

 Unattended recorder picks up someone calling "Troy"


 Is a soldier heading "east"?

Generals BR

 2 distinct knocks are heard and the group reacts.

Ops Room

 A noise is heard on the table beside Mike.


 Can a Yankee soldier get attention?  No!