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Depreciation Lands Museum

Allison Park, PA            April 20, 2013

September 6, 2013                 



April 20:           Mike, Missy, Kim, Lois, Nikki

September 6:   Mike, Missy, Mark, Heather, Nikki 


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, Spirit Box,
Ovilus 3, Voice Recorders (2 digital),

DVR with 4 IR static cameras

Various handheld camcorders & cameras, etc.


April 20:

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 35-41°, 55% Humidity, Winds NS 3-8

Moon:      Waxing Gibbous (73% Full)

Fields:     Solar x-rays = ACTIVE  Geomagnetic field = QUIET


Created by Hampton Township in 1973, the museum seeks to preserve and interpret the early years of European settlement in the Depreciation Lands. In 1783, the state of Pennsylvania set aside 720,000 acres of land in western Pennsylvania to compensate its Revolutionary War soldiers for their services.


A helpful spirit is said to roam the grounds, he has been seen and experienced several times over the years and has come to be known as the "Deacon".  More recently, one of the board members saw a lady in white walking through the cemetery.


 Synopsis or Personal experiences:

April 20:

The most active areas for us on this night were the main building (2nd floor) and the log cabin.  We had many personal experiences and captured several EVPs.

09:00  Mike  Basement  Heard whispering during camera setup.

09:35  Mike  Schoolhouse  Ovilus –> “Paul” “green” “tree”

11:45  Kim, Lois  Basement  Unusual spikes on Mel Meter (up to 60).  We could   not recreate these the rest of the evening. (photo)

12:00  Mike  Log Cabin  Saw a shadow walk across window, everyone was   accounted for.

12:45  Girls  Log Cabin  Heard a rolling sound upstairs.

02:00  Missy  Log Cabin  Got pushed in the side

03:37  Nikki  2nd Floor  Nikki sees a figure in one of the front windows (Video)


September 6:

This night did not seem as active for us as the first, but we still had some personal experiences and captured some interesting photos!

10:45 - Mike did a session in the school house and got some interesting results with a lighted ball trigger object.  (see Video)

12:30 - Missy and Heather spent time in the Church and caugt some interesting photos of a shadow that seemed to be engulfing them.  (see photos)

April 20 Collected Evidence:

September 6 Collected Evidence:


Male voice talks over the women

Log Cabin

Unattended recorder catches a child's cry


Unattended recorder.  Get a job?

2nd Floor

Spirit Box response


Let the deacon out - response


Unexplained but clear whispers

Log Cabin

Someone comments on Missy's cough

2nd Floor

Is someone changing in the vestibule?

2nd Floor

"Do not go in there!"

2nd Floor

Spirit Box warning

Log Cabin

Unattended recorder captures noises.