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Prospect Place

Twinway, Ohio     October 5, 2013


SCGH:  Melissa, Troy, Lois, Kim and guest

WPPH:  TJ + 2    


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, Spirit Box  

Voice Recorders (3 digital), 

DVR with 4 IR static cameras

Handheld Sony and goPro camcorders

Various digital cameras


Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Temp 64-75, DP 67, 

               Humidity 74-85%, BP 29.98, Winds Calm

Moon:     New Moon (0% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays Normal, Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


"Prospect Place" was the home of the George Willison Adams family of Dresden, Ohio, in the 19th & 20th centuries. This structure is currently in the process of being restored. In the 1850s and 1860s the house was a station on the "Underground Railroad". Although a few fine homes remain in Dresden from this era, Prospect Place is the last remaining Dresden area mansion (There were five: Prospect Place; River Dale; Mulberry Grove; Maple Hollow and Elm Grove), the others have met the fate of time and neglect and are no more. These were the homes of the "Lords of the Valley", men of great influence and wealth who helped tame a new land and create a community. We are restoring this home as a memorial to times gone by and to give the Dresden area back a piece of an ever-vanishing history.


Synopsis or 

Personal experiences:

All in all this was a very quiet night at Prospect Place.  There were really no personal experiences and we really didn't catch any definitive EVPs.  We did catch a strange explosion in the distance, but we cannot claim that to be paranormal. 

Collected Evidence:


An unexpected explosion is heard by all.  No explanation.


Playing with the Ovilus 3, we caught a strange whine?