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Lands Museum

Hampton, PA    Aug 29, 2014


Mike, Heather, Cissy, Nikki
Guests:  John, Jennifer, Mark, Ireland, Jaycik


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, Spirit Box, Kinect, Rem Pod,  Digital & full spectrum cameras, Voice Recorders (4 digital), DVR, GoPro FS, Sony Night Vision


WeatherClear, Temp 62-64, DP 54, Humidity 50%, BP 30.14, Winds East 5-6
Moon:       Waxing Crescent (15% illuminated)

Fields:      Solar X-Rays =  , Geomagnetic Fields = 


Created by Hampton Township in 1973, the museum seeks to preserve and interpret the early years of European settlement in the Depreciation Lands. In 1783, the state of Pennsylvania set aside 720,000 acres of land in western Pennsylvania to compensate its Revolutionary War soldiers for their services.

A helpful spirit is said to roam the grounds, he has been seen and experienced several times over the years and has come to be known as the "Deacon".  More recently, one of the board members saw a lady in white walking through the cemetery.


Synopsis or Personal experiences:


Audio Evidence:

Video Evidence:


Several different voices over spirit box saying “Deacon”.


Spirit box session, 2 separate voices of “Help Me”

Log Cabin

Mike sits on the bed and is asked to “Get Up!”