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The Bell
Nursing Home

Kimbolton, OH   July 12, 2014


Mike, Missy, Mark, Kim, Lois, Heather


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, Spirit Box, Kinect, EM Pump,  DVR (4 cams), 

Voice Recorders (4 digital), Various handheld camcorders & cameras, etc.


Weather70-82 degrees, 75% humidity, Dewpoint=65, BP=30.06, Winds Calm

Moon:      Full (100% illuminated)

Fields:      Solar X-Rays = ACTIVE , Geomagnetic Fields =  QUIET


The building that became the Bell Nursing Home started out as the home of local Kimbolton merchant William Ledlie, a well-known and enterprising man who was responsible for a number of businesses in town during the middle nineteenth century. He lived in the home with his family until his sudden -- and mysterious -- death. The house was also used as a tannery for the time and in the 1940s, was converted into a funeral home. In the 1960s, a new owner converted it into a nursing home for elderly patients, but was so superstitious about the fact that it used to be a funeral home that he walled off the old embalming room. After his death, he left the property to his son, who passed away in 2006. The building was then abandoned for the next fives years.


Synopsis or Personal experiences:

3:15 AM - Mike and Lois were at the nurses station doing an EVP session when Mike mentioned how warm it was and asked the spirits if they wanted a fan.  Just 2 minutes later we realized that the central air conditioning had kicked on and was running.  We checked all the thermostats and none were on.  When we asked the owner later, she claims that this should not happen as the unit isn’t even powered and has never turned on before.   [See video below]

Audio Evidence:

Video Evidence:

Photo Evidence:

Heather felt coldness on her back and asked Mike to snap a photo.  This is the first of 3…

In this second photo, the shadow seems to be moving away.

In this 3rd shot, the shadow is totally gone.

Nurses Station

Something responds “leave” when Kim asks a question.