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Hill View Manor

New Castle, PA      April 2, 2015


Mike, Missy, Kim, Lois, Cissy, Mark, Nikki
Guests:  Vance, Katie, Kerrianne


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, SB-7, SB-11, EM Pump, thermal imager 

Voice Recorders (4 digital), Various handheld camcorders & cameras, etc.


WeatherCloudy, Temp 57-60, DP 57, 

                Humidity 93%, BP 29.87, Winds SSW 6-10mph

Moon:     Waxing Gibbous (97% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays = ACTIVE, Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


Hillview Manor was built in 1925 as the Lawrence County Poor Farm. It became a nursing home in 1977, and closed it’s doors in 2004, but it sure as heck hasn't shut down for business - the paranormal business!  The skeleton crew that takes care of the building has reported sightings of full-bodied apparitions roaming the hallways, screaming voices and the ghost of a little boy named Jeffrey, who is thought of as a harbinger of death. The spirit of an old man supposedly haunts the boiler room. Other spirits include children named Timmy & Jeffrey, an employee named George, and an elderly patient named Mary Virginia.


Synopsis or Personal experiences:

  • 10:05 - 1North - Vance’s camera shutdown twice (despite new batteries)
  • 11:30 - 1North - Several bangs in direct response to questions about Easter
  • 12:00 - 3rd floor - very active SB-7 spirit box session
  • 02:15 - First active SB-11 Spirit box session in Chapel
  • 03:10 - Basement - team discovered a lock box that emitted unexplainable K2 hits and read 66.6 degrees on thermo (air temp was steady at 45 degrees).  

1 North

Several banging responses to our questions about Easter


Response of 7, but there were only 3 of us in the room!

3rd floor

I guess this spirit couldn’t count!  LOL

3rd floor

Direct sb response.  Anyone got Milk?  

2nd floor

Angelo’s bathroom - Class A response as no men were present


Was someone in his “bedroom” or “bathroom”?

3rd floor

3 word spirit box response.  Something broke?

Audio Evidence:

Video Evidence: (Under Review)