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Current Fields

Solar X-Rays
Geomagnetic Field
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Old Licking
County Jail

Newark, OH      August 29, 2015


Albert responds on rempod

4th floor

Spirit box - “I want you”

4th floor

Spirit box - “I’m a demon!”

4th floor

Spirit box - “I’m a demon!” (2nd time)

4th floor

Spirit box - “I’m a demon!” (3rd time)

4th floor

Spirit box - “I’m leaving”

2nd floor

Spirit box - full and explicit conversation

4th floor

Spirit box - Mary responds, but we can’t make out what she says

Audio Evidence

Audio Evidence:

Video Evidence:


Mike, Missy, Kim, Lois, Cissy
Guests:  Vance, Troy


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, SB-7, SB-11, thermal imager 

Voice Recorders (4 digital), Various handheld camcorders & cameras, etc.


WeatherCloudy w/ Thunderstorms, Temp 67-72, DP 66, 

                Humidity 95%, BP 30.08, Winds calm (0-5 mph)

Moon:     Full (100% illuminated) - Blood moon

Fields:     Solar X-Rays = M-Class Flare, Geomagnetic Fields = STORM!


The Old Jail has had far more than its share of horror since its opening in 1889. Within the walls of this Fortress 4 Sheriff's died and 14 Inmates. The Old Jail was home for some infamous murderers including "The Hand Saw Slayer", "The 22 Caliber Serial Killers", "The Proposal Day Murderer" and many more. "Carl Etherington", a Dry-Agent Detective was being held here for protection as an angry mob of over a thousand people gathered and rammed the North entrance of the jail finally gaining entry. They stormed to the second floor cell block where Etherington was being held and beat him to death with a sledge hammer. The mob then drug him out of the jail and up to the Southeast side of the Town Square where they lynched him to a telegraph pole. It is said that nearly 5,000 people including women and children all came to take a peak at the hanging agent. "Laura Devlin" a 72 year old women who went mad and killed her husband then cut his arms and legs off with a hand saw and placed his arms and head in her oven and cooked them.


The jail was extremely active for the first few hours and seemed to go quiet after a thunderstorm rolled through around midnight:

  • 09:30 - Basement - Mike and Lois catch a figure moving on the thermal imaging camera
  • 11:00 - 2nd floor - Missy and Rod have a very interesting spirit box session.
  • 11:30 - 4th floor - Missy and Rod get ”I am a Demon” on spirit box twice
  • 11:45 - 4th Floor - Lois has lighter in her pocket moving  as Mike lights a match