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Dead Man’s

McKeesport, PA    October 15, 2016


Mike, Missy, Lois, Troy
Guests:  15 Guests


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, RemPod, Spirit Box, Voice Recorders, Various digital, IR, Full Spectrum and thermal camcorders & cameras, etc.


WeatherClear, Temp 54-65, DP 55, Humidity 50-60%, BP 30.23, Winds SSW 10

Moon:     Full (100% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays = ACTIVE, Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


Just a few miles upstream from the city of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, there is a quiet wooded refuge along the Youghiogheny River where fading shades of the past meet the colorful here and now. Hidden between the high hills of southern Allegheny County is an area known by the name of Dead Man's Hollow.  It is a place where the ghosts of another day can be found lurking among the leafy landscape while the inhabitants of a modern world go about their leisurely activities.  At one point in time, the hollow was an area thriving with industrial achievements.  Today, it is 440 acres of protected woodlands and waterways.  Despite all of its natural beauty and tranquility, Dead Man's Hollow is best known for a history stained by tragic events and horrific deaths.  Many of the grim occurrences were often shadowed by one inexplicable circumstance or another.  Of course, it is the hollow's very name that might be the greatest mystery of all.  Even with years of speculation, it seems that no one is exactly sure how Dead Man's Hollow acquired its frightful name.


Synopsis or Personal experiences:

  • 07:30pm - We began our ½ mile hike down the trail to the industrial ruins.
  • 08:20pm - Mike and Troy catch a reading on Mel meter of 30 MGOe near the train tracks.  This is a very unusually high reading, especially outdoors and we could not reproduce it the rest of the evening.  
  • 09:00pm - During an evp session, we all hear what sounds like a chainsaw motor starting.
  • 09:15pm - Following an evp session at the ruins, Mike and Troy get some disturbing readings on Mel Meter.  Temp was reading 66.6 despite it being like 55 at the time.

Collected Evidence:  

Ruins - Faint female voice in background

Ruins - A metal clinking noise is heard

Ruins - Is that a chainsaw?  

Ruins - Faint chanting can be heard