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Old Licking
County Jail

Newark, OH            April 22, 2017


Mike, Missy, Troy, Kim, Heather, Lois, Nikki, Rod


K2, Mel Meter, RemPod, Spirit Box (sb-7 and sb-11), Voice Recorders, 
Various digital, IR, Full Spectrum and thermal camcorders & cameras, etc.


WeatherClear, Temp 44-49, DP 34, Humidity 50-60%, BP 30.11, Winds NNE 4-10

Moon:     Waning Crescent (20% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays = ACTIVE, Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


When first built in 1889, the jail was able to hold up to about 68 inmates. One floor held women and the other three held men. However, by the 1970s women were moved outside of the county to accommodate for the increase in adult male inmates. This overcrowding, combined with updated state standards for housing inmates, was slowly making the historic jail an uninhabitable environment. By 1981, when the tenure of Sheriff Gerry D. Billy began, plans were in the making for a new jail that adhered to the necessary state standards. Finally, in 1987, the Licking County Historic Jail officially closed its doors.

Throughout its lifetime, the historic jail saw many tragic deaths including suicides, murders, and accidental deaths.  Four sheriffs suffered heart attacks in the sheriff’s living quarters; there were numerous suicides such as those of Mae Varner and the infamous Walter Robertson; and there is the well-known tragic tale of Carl Etherington, who was lynched during the days of the Temperance Movement.


Synopsis or Personal experiences:

  • 08:30pm - Investigation walk through - Troy spots a figure walking on 3rd floor
  • 09:00pm - Investigation starts in basement (several spirit box responses)
  • 09:15pm - Troy and Lois both see a faint, white apparition in a doorway in the basement.  
  • 12:30am - Sheriff’s quarters - several responses, including a reveal of secret code word (redrum) given to us by our guide (video).
  • 02:00am - Mike gets locked in basement for his isolation session (see video).
  • 02:40am - Troy gets locked in 3rd floor cell for his isolation session (see video).

Collected Evidence:  

Basement - Spirit box response, “Enough!”

Basement - Spirit box response, “F*** You”

Basement - Spirit box response, “Nikki”?

Sheriff’s Quarters - Spirit box - “Andy”