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SCGH Team Charter

1. Member Requirements:

1.1. You have to be at least 18 years old.

1.2. You must be willing to travel.

1.3. You must take every investigation seriously.

1.4. You must be willing to pay for some investigations as not every investigation is free. You must pay up front if a deposit is required.

1.5. You need to be generally available on Friday and Saturday nights.

1.6. You must participate in at least 3 SCGH scheduled investigations, meetings, or events per year.

1.7. You must be willing to review and turn in evidence collected in a timely manner.

1.8. You will also be required to own and bring the basic tools for doing paranormal investigations, flashlight, Camera, voice recorder, etc.

1.9. You must promote and support the team, website, forum, etc.

2. Memberships and Dues:

2.1. SCGH Apprentice (Investigator in Training):

2.1.1. No initiation fee

2.1.2. $10 per investigation for the E.S.P. (equipment savings fund).

2.1.3. Limited (supervised) use of team equipment.

2.2. SCGH Team Member:

2.2.1. $25 one-time initiation fee (includes an SCGH member T-shirt)

2.2.2. $5 per investigation for the E.S.P. (equipment savings fund).

2.2.3. Full use of all team equipment.

2.2.4. Listing and bio on the SCGH Team page.

2.2.5. Access to all SCGH Meetings, Parties & Picnics.

2.2.6. SCGH Merchandise available at cost or discount.

3. The E.S.P. – Equipment Savings Fund

3.1. All members will be expected to provide and own their own basic equipment (flashlights, cameras, etc.).

3.2. Higher end equipment (DVRs, meters, experimental equipment, etc.) for the team will be purchased from moneys in the ESP.

3.3. The tech manager will hold onto and be responsible for this shared equipment.

3.4. Team members may utilize any or all of this equipment for any investigation.

3.5. A “wish list” of items queued for purchase will be maintained by the tech manager.

3.6. The tech manager will manage and provide a financial report of the fund as requested.

4. Investigation Protocols:

4.1. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.  

4.2. No trespassing on private property. Private Property cannot be approached or entered without written permission.  If you are caught trespassing and get into trouble, you will be removed from the team indefinitely.

4.3. Property owners will govern how the investigation will be conducted.  They may be allowed to set any rules they wish, and can end the investigation at any time they wish.  What they say is final.

4.4. Always think Safety First!  Be aware of your surroundings and the area of investigation.  If possible, do a walkthrough during daylight hours and take notice of potential safety hazards.

4.5. Be respectful at all times, in all places!  

4.6. No alcohol or use of illegal drugs at any time during an investigation.  

4.7. No smoking during an investigation in the field.  

4.8. No horseplay during an investigation.  

4.9. Keep noise down to a minimum.  Do not whisper during EVP or film sessions and use the tagging technique as described in our tips section.  If you think you hear something unusual, make a verbal note on your recorder.  This can help validate something was heard.

4.10. Cell phones will interfere with certain metering equipment (EMF, etc.) so should be turned off completely (not just silenced) and/or left at the command center.  

4.11. Do not provoke or try to anger the spirits to obtain evidence.  

4.12. Absolutely no Ouija boards, séances or other methods of raising or summoning spirits are to be performed during an investigation.

4.13. Be considerate of other group members and other groups.

4.13.1. If we are at a location as guests to another group, their team leader is in full command of our team.  We will conduct ourselves the way their team leader wishes.

4.14. If you find yourself having trouble keeping calm or composed, remove yourself from the area, and try not to show how shaken you are to the client.

4.15. All evidence will be collected at the end of each investigation or must be turned in to the team leader or technical manager within 1 week.

4.16. Obey all SCGH protocols, techniques and procedures.  

5. Miscellaneous:

5.1. Any member who helps to find a site for investigation will be able to attend the investigation, no questions asked.  This also goes for Non-Team members as well.

5.2. The Number of Investigators allowed or needed on any given case may be different, so we will do our best to cycle through available investigators.

6. Terms and Conditions:

6.1. Items in this charter may only be changed by one of the designated leaders and only after a consensus (majority) vote by the entire team.

6.2. Failure to meet any of the above requirements or to follow the above procedures may lead to dismissal from the team.  Upon dismissal, member will be removed from the website and asked to turn in any team owned evidence or property.

7. Agreement:

7.1. I agree to abide by all guidelines and rules defined in this charter.

7.2. I understand and agree that being a team member with Steel City Ghost Hunters is voluntary work and offers no pay.

7.3. All materials collected during team investigations, including but not limited to, photos, recordings, film, objects, etc., are the sole property of Steel City Ghost Hunters and will not be sold or given out to the public or media by any team member express and written consent of SCGH and its defined officers.

7.4. I agree that I will not give an interview or write about my paranormal experiences without the express and written consent of SCGH and its officers.

7.5. I agree that my desire to participate in the Steel City Ghost Hunters and its investigations and events is done so of my own free will and at my own risk. In the event of any injury, I accept individual responsibility for the full expense of medical attention as well as any other expenses arising out of such injury.

7.6. I agree to release and hold the Steel City Ghost Hunters, its officers, agents, employees as well as the owners/caretakers of the subject properties and SCGH clients under investigation harmless from and against all losses, claims or liabilities for personal damages or other damages incurred as a result of my participation in SCGH.

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