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What exactly is debunking?

By definition, to debunk is to expose while ridiculing; especially of pretentious or false claims and ideas.  While we certainly do not like to ridicule ourselves or others, we do make a conscious effort to question and disprove every potential piece of evidence we find.  Our team would therfore redefine debunking as searching for a natural explanation for something to be believed unnatural or paranormal.

Debunking Evidence

Debunking Orbs

It is estimated that 95% or more of orb photos can be explained by dust, pollen, moisture, reflections or camera flare.  Here are some samples of what we consider "false" orbs.

Dust orbs have a grainy texture and can also appear colorful.  These orbs are caused by dust particles that reflect light from the camera flash.  Dust orbs do not emit their own light.

Squiggly orb?  Not so fast, this is an IR reflection off of glass.  The squiggly effect seen here is a mere result of the photographer's shaky hand and the longer exposure of the IR camera.

Debunking Photos

  1. Open the photo with Adobe Photo Shop and check or multiple layers.  Usually you will see the transparent layers if the photo has been doctored.  
  2. Check the EXIF information which can tell you the file is not original.
  3. Be wary of photos that look too good to be true.  There are a slew of applications out there that are making it easier to fake photos.  One example is the ghost app for the iphone.  A sample of the “ghosts” that can be added is below.

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