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Hill View Manor

New Castle, PA      Sep 12, 2014


Mike, Missy, Kim, Lois
Guests:  Brandon, Taylor, John, Jennifer


EMF, K2, Mel Meter, geophone, Spirit Box, Kinect, EM Pump,  

Voice Recorders (4 digital), Various handheld camcorders & cameras, etc.


WeatherClear to overcast, Temp 53-59, DP 51, 

                Humidity 80-90%, BP 30.18, Winds Calm

Moon:     Waning Gibbous (80% illuminated)

Fields:     Solar X-Rays = ACTIVE, Geomagnetic Fields = Quiet


Hillview Manor was built in 1925 as the Lawrence County Poor Farm. It became a nursing home in 1977, and closed it’s doors in 2004, but it sure as heck hasn't shut down for business - the paranormal business!  The skeleton crew that takes care of the building has reported sightings of full-bodied apparitions roaming the hallways, screaming voices and the ghost of a little boy named Jeffrey, who is thought of as a harbinger of death. The spirit of an old man supposedly haunts the boiler room. Other spirits include children named Timmy & Jeffrey, an employee named George, and an elderly patient named Mary Virginia.


Synopsis or Personal experiences:

  • 10:30 - Kim tries to reach Missy on the walkie and gets a response.  Problem is Missy isn’t there and both walkies are in the room.   Incident documented below on audio.
  • 01:00 - John and Jennifer see a shadow figure down the 2nd floor West hall.

Audio Evidence:

Video Evidence:

2nd Floor

SB7 - Someone needs some cough medicine


Jeff responds when asked for favorite color.


Jeff responds “yes” to Brandon’s question.


SB7 - Jeff is a known baseball fan so we didn’t expect this one.

Break Rm

Unexplained walkie talkie incident.

3rd Floor

SB7 - Class A response, someone is keeping golf balls.

Rec Room

SB7 - Answer to the name - “Phillip”

Rec Room

SB7 - Final words?  Response of “thank you”!