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Steel City Ghost Hunters
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Director and co-founder
Aka, “Archie (debunker)”


Co-founder & lead investigator
Aka “Mossy”

Mike earned his nickname from insisting to analyze everything to find natural explanations. Despite some personal experiences and potential captures, he still considers himself a "skeptic" and believes most paranormal claims can be explained. Mike handles all the team equipment, evidence reviews, presentations and website design.  His favorite tool is the basic digital voice recorder and his most memorable personal experience occured at in the boiler room at Hill View Manor when a presence rushed him and he snapped a photo of it.

As co-founder, Missy is one of our main points of contact for organizing team events and investigations.  Melissa's interest in the paranormal began with her own personal experiences as a child.  She grew up in a house that was reportedly built on top of an old graveyard in the Fineview neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Melissa is a Halloween fanatic and loves to visit haunted attractions.  Melissa's most memorable experience is when she witnessed a full bodied apparition of a woman in the Hotel Conneaut.


Investigator and Case Manager
Aka, “ Kimmy”


Aka, “Magic Mark”

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Kim lives with her husband and 19 year old daughter. Kim has had many personal experiences and has always had a fascination for all things paranormal. She loves creepy old buildings and that feeling you get when you walk into a room and know you are not alone. Kim is not a medium, but she definitely has a knack for sensing when unnatural things are present.

Mark was born in the suburbs north of Pittsburgh.  He had been a skeptic all his life, until he stepped foot into Madison Seminary in Ohio.  That is where he had witnessed a figure come out of a doorway and touch another investigator with the thermal imager. That was an experience that changed the way he views the world around us.


Aka, “Spunky”


Aka, “Sleepy”

Nicole was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area.  She is a graduate of  North Allegheny and is currently working on a degree in Liberal Arts.  She has always been interested in the paranormal.  Her most memorable experience was at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield Ohio where something came running at her and another team member. She is looking forward to returning there someday.

Lois’s interest in the paranormal started when she was reunited with her extended family at a picnic.  Born and raised in the West End of Pittsburgh, a graduate of Langley High and a Graduate of the Sawyer School of Business.  Married to her husband Bill for 29 years, Lois has 2 wonderful sons and a great daughter-in-law. 


Aka, “Mahoney”


Aka, “Shades”

Heather has always had an interest in doing paranormal investigations.  She started investigating with us in the summer of 2011.  We first met Heather during a public hunt at Moundsville Pen in WV (a perfect location for this former CO)! Heather has had many personal experiences throughout her life, including the "ice cream lady" that still haunts her childhood home in Washington PA where her parents still reside today.   

He’s back!  Troy is an avid Penguins fan and has a passion for all things paranormal.  He originally joined the team in 2012.  His paranormal interests led him to start his own team, Dark Storm Paranormal in 2015, but he never lost contact with SCGH and continued to partner with us.  He rejoined us in 2017 and we are glad to have him back.   


Aka, “Grandma”


Aka, “Heater”

Cissy is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 1. She is a horror film fanatic and grew up watching "Chilly Billy" on Chiller Theater. She also appeared as a zombie in the original Dawn of the Dead, a movie that was shot right inside Monroeville Mall on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

Heather was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in the Mount Washington area.  She graduated from Edinboro with a degree in Elementary Education.  As a teacher, Heather has a great knack for communicating with paranormal entities, especially young spirits often found in poor houses, asylums, schools and hospitals.  

The Steel City Team

Steel City Ghost Hunters was originally formed by a small group of family and friends in the Pittsburgh area that have a curiosity for and interest in the paranormal. For some of us it is a hobby, for others, it is our passion…

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